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The pandemic has brought out the
best and the worst in people.




Prioritizing Public Safety

Crime rates are high due to poor leadership and opportunistic rhetoric. Over the last couple of years, we have seen an enormous surge in unnecessary violence, and hate crimes. Murder is up over 50% in this city since 2019. These issues are exclusive to American cities that adopted defund measures. No such trends exist in large cities in other developed nations. In Congress, I will develop a grant to prevent and properly enhance the categorization of hate crimes. As hate crimes are tried in Federal court, accurate categorization is requisite to achieving justice for the victims and their families. I will also work with local officials to shut down homeless shelters linked to neighborhood violence. Shelters are not properly suited to act as psychiatric wards.


Lack of intelligent policy has left people, particularly those in higher crime areas, especially vulnerable. What we need right now is not to "defund" the police budget, but to have a better understanding of how to use it. This would allow for greater allocation of resources, enhanced training, and greater presence. Building back trust and allowing honest police officers to do their jobs, while holding corrupt members of law

enforcement accountable, is paramount to a civil society. 


Empowering Small Businesses

 During the COVID-19 pandemic, I watched as a myriad of businesses went under. I saw the anguish on the faces of the owners and employees as they boarded up their establishments. Storefronts were shuttered. Livelihoods and consistent wages vanished. 


During this heavy time, phone calls to Congressmen went unanswered. The federal government’s rollout of the Paycheck Protection Program was poorly executed and inconsistent, at a time when the people needed it the most. Businesses were asked by their government to shut down whilst it could not provide for them a means to survive. 


We should never have to be in a situation where we lose hope in how to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. I commit myself to being a Representative that is available to the people in my home and all those in need. I will propose a bill to lower Federal taxes for small businesses by 6% to promote growth and prosperity. I will also originate an initiative to streamline emergency fund delivery in the future.

As the only Moderate Democrat in this race, I possess the unique position of being able to stand in the middle and bring both parties to the table. I can be a voice of reason, speak up for my constituents, and shed a light on those who are unheard. 


Discourse & FAQ

We live in a time when the country is either red or blue, Republican or Democrat. To see each other as human or to come together is seen as a sign of party betrayal. Discourse is heavily polarized and the larger than life DC fights that we see on TV has filtered through to our everyday lives. Multi-decade Congressional incumbents are not helping the situation, as the approval rating for Congress is 18 percent. The status quo is not working. Now, more than ever, we need new generations of leadership in D.C. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does your daughter attend public school


A: She is four and plans to attend PS 234 for kindergarten. That said, I recognize the importance and need for charter schools. My sister had severe learning difficulties growing up and would not have graduated high school without a specialized curriculum.


Q: Do you agree with Mayor De Blasio for shutting down gifted and talented programs in the NYC public school system citing concerns of racial equality?


A: I do not. I believe we should nurture every student and ensure they have access to education that meets their learning needs whether in special education or gifted and talented programs. This will only benefit our country long-term. While racism certainly exists and must be called out, meritocracy is the basis for success in this country. High achieving students from low and middle income families and diverse backgrounds rely on public education with rigorous academics to provide a pathway to higher education and an opportunity to get ahead in life. I will work to enable these educational opportunities for every student. 

Q: Do you support the removal of the SALT cap?

A: I do. New Yorkers pay enormous taxes as it is. Taxes keep government moving, but double taxation is never warranted. The SALT cap was Trump's method of "sticking it" to the blue states. 


Q: Are you concerned about military aggression from China towards Taiwan?

A: I am. As soon as Russia attacked Ukraine, I instantly saw it as a metaphor for the dynamic between China and Taiwan. Russian and China claim historical ownership of Ukraine and Taiwan respectively. I knew China would be watching how we respond to the Ukraine conflict, and would take cues. I was disappointed we did not intervene with troops as a strategic deterrence to the invasion as soon as Putin threatened. I fear this will embolden China. I support protecting Taiwan militarily if necessary. 

Q: What is your take on coastal resiliency projects and how, if at all, would you manage them from the Federal level?

A: Green space is particularly scarce and cherished in our communities, especially by children. Resiliency, as a concept is important, especially to prevent flooding at vulnerable pinch points along the water line. That said, city and state agencies have a tendency to initiate projects in the name of resiliency, with the ultimate goal of creating revenue generating commercial space, while minimizing, and (in some cases) destroying, our beloved parks. The science must add up and community input is essential. Given we have multiple recent examples of resiliency projects that have left communities bitter, and with a lingering sense that they were taken advantage of, I'd propose a Federal solution: A landmark coastal resiliency bill facilitated by Federal funds to add green space as a precondition to resiliency projects. While I don't have an issue with commercialization being a component of these projects, the bill I would introduce would demand community input be prerequisite to proposed projects. I would introduce this much needed bill in the House of Representatives, and urge Senate Majority leader Schumer of NY to help get it passed. This would be a monumental victory for those who wish to preserve and add green space in our district in addition to adding sensible resiliency in anticipation of climate change, while combining commercial interests where appropriate and desired. 

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